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Category: Rock news

This Sound Nation hot music news – Elton John Musical coming soon

Sir Elton John’s life is set to become a musical. The UK hitmaker is already behind two of the world’s biggest stage shows; The Lion King and Billy Elliot. And now it seems it’s not just his writing skills that theatre producers will make a hit production, but his life story too. A movie version… Read more


Gaurika Rises Again to support Status Quo + Katrina and the Waves on 15th and 16th May + gets remixed by world famous DJ Mikey Gallagher

Gaurika will be performing live for 2 nights supporting legends Status Quo and Katrina and the Waves at the Blue Bell in Bridlington on the 15th and 16th May. Get tickets here:  Gaurika Hayer is a London based pop-rock singer-songwriter, most similar to Pink, Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson. Michael Jackson, Madonna and Elton… Read more


Coldplay debut new song and video

Brit rockers Coldplay have debuted a brand new music video for a track named ‘Midnight’. This story first appeared on Pressparty They unveiled the cut earlier this afternoon (Feburary 25) on their official Twitter page by simply posting a link to the clip and accompanying it with the caption: “Here is the video for… Read more