Artist Jenna x combines irresistible beats with a think-piece while maintaining musical integrity in her new single ‘When The Party’s Over’

Jenna x emerges in 2021 with “When The Party’s Over…”, a mesmerizing single that plays equally as well at the party, at the afterparty, or the next morning. Set against haunting piano riffs and tasteful doses of electronica, the song examines the contrasts of good time highs and the lonely lows that too often await when a euphoric evening draws to a close. Here, listeners are lured to an urban dystopia where the club offers fleeting sanctuary from loneliness.

The melancholic uncertainty is undeniable when Jenna x delivers her powerful chorus:
When the party is over / and everyone goes home / where do I go?
When the party is over / guess this is the moment I regret the most

Few artists are capable of combining irresistible beats with think-piece while maintaining musical integrity. “When the party’s over…” proves Jenna x fits right in with this rare cohort as her protagonist weighs visceral experience against introspection to make sense of lost love. Buoyant beats keep the melodrama moving at a gripping mid-tempo.

“When The Party’s Over…” also establishes Jenna x as a vibe-catcher for the new decade. The NYC-LA native pushes the expectations of traditional singer/songwriter fare with evocative storytelling and visuals. Her every word, sound, and inflection are carefully curated and perfectly cinematic.

Jenna x continues this methodical approach on her newly released EP Violet Sadness. The collection of modern mood music boldly moves through modern indie, genre bursting pop in a style reminiscent of Billie Eilish and Lauv.

“When The Party’s Over…” and “Violet Sadness” are out now on streaming services.

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