Visionary real songwriter Howard Simon reveals a new set of well written folk gems


“The View from this Horizon” is the brand new album from Singer/songwriter Howard Simon featuring the single “Secret Waters”. 

Howard Simon has been writing songs most of his life and says ” I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with wonderful people like producer Richard Brandenburg, recording engineer Derek Bianchi and all of the incredible musicians listed below in bringing some of my songs to life”.

The sixteen songs on “The View from this Horizon” are unabashedly about love, romantic, familial and otherwise. The writing spans many years from his 20’s to his 50’s and thus the songs consider love in many lights and through the widely differing lenses of a young man and one somewhat older.

If there is a common thread that ties these songs together, it is that love brings wonder in addition to its joy and sadness, and sometimes loss.

Howard says “This album is an attempt to capture and communicate some of that wonder as I have experienced it and imagined it throughout my life”.

The album  The View from this Horizon is out now: 



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