From the nation of: Bulgaria – Male duo ‘Avenue’ drop new single and Video ‘The Road’

It is not very often that you could write something about music coming from a non-English speaking country in Eastern Europe like Bulgaria. Just a few days ago, on YouTube, I came across a video on by a Bulgarian male duet called Avenue. Since I don’t speak Bulgarian, I tried to translate the title of the track and it seems that in English the name means “The Road”.

I really like the song with its guitar riff and great beat to it and the translated title seems to fit perfectly into what I thought about when listening to it for the first time.

Avenue - The Road

The song sounds like a soundtrack to a movie. I think that if the lyrics were in English this song could really touch the English speaking audience. The music and video production is great and there is a certain feeling of listening to a great indie band. I found some other albums by Avenue and they do have songs in English. In case you are interested you could find some in their YouTube channel or their website.


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