Confessions of a Dangerous Mind – Logic

If nothing else, Logic is a storyteller. If you missed Supermarket, the 2019 novel he authored—or its accompanying soundtrack album—you’d still understand this by the range of characters the MC will embody over the course of an album. He cycles through perspectives so frequently on Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, the official follow-up to 2018’s YSIV, that it can be difficult to discern whether he is telling his own truth or that of one of his characters. He talks frequently of the lifestyle a successful rap career has afforded him (“Pardon My Ego,” “Icy,” “Still Ballin”), but also takes time to lambaste those lusting after fame (“Wannabe,” “clickbait”) and the facets of popular hip-hop culture he’s subverted (“Cocaine,” “Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different”).

The guest list is by and large heavy hitters of rap (Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa, G-Eazy, Will Smith), and Logic manages to accommodate all of their varied personas with bars that maintain the vibes while also preserving his reputation as a proud rap technician. There are of course the classic, earnestly aspirational Logic-isms—“Put your ego on the shelf and remember, love yourself,” he says on the title track—but nowhere does the MC sound more comfortable than when in full-on flex mode on “BOBBY,” where he can’t help but declare, “I’m a f**kin’ genius.”

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