EichenDK is a Danish singer-songwriter uses music as a way of escaping the world and has released a new single “Just Stay”

EichenDK is a Danish singer-songwriter. He grew up in an unhealthy environment full of violence and abuse. He quickly discovered music as a way of escaping the world around him and ever since music has filled his heart and soul. The song “Just stay” is about being in a relationship and knowing something’s missing, yet still being willing to fight for it, even if it’s already too late. EichenDK has the potential to rock the world of music with his honest lyrics and easy to listen to music. You won’t be disappointed

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TonyEichenDK/

Website: https://www.EichenDK.com

Where To Buy Your Music: https://spinnup.link/434576-just-stay

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