Ella Henderson likens songwriting to “therapy”

Ella Henderson believes songwriting is like therapy.

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The singer is currently No.1 on the UK iTunes chart with her debut single ‘Ghost’ and it seems the transition from a former X Factor hopeful to a music star is going well.

It’s with songwriting, however, that the Brit can find solace and an outlet for her feelings.

Speaking to Capital FM, Henderson – whose debut album ‘Chapter One’ will be released later this year – said:

The way I write is very much like an open diary and writing has always been my form of therapy. It’s where I can just let my thoughts run wild.

“It was always something that was very personal, it was just me and piano and no one else is ever going to hear it. Now all of a sudden people take an interest to it, so I think at first I found it hard to open up, but once I started I realised now I never want to stop.”

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