“Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and live a healthy and active lifestyle” says ‘DJ Yoyo Sanchez’ on the release of his dance and single ‘Salsation Is Now’.

Salsation Artist, Choreographer and Fitness Master Trainer, ‘DJ Yoyo Sanchez’ releases a new single and dance entitled ‘Salsation Is Now’. ‘DJ Yoyo Sanchez’ is from Cuba but is now based in Malaysia.
‘DJ Yoyo Sanchez’ produces special Fitness Workout Music for those looking for a new Style, Combination to start with love and passion at new parties, with this music you’ll feel right at another level.

He says “My goal is to help inspire and motivate people to make positive changes in their lives. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and live a healthy and active lifestyle”.

SALSATION is a fun and addictive dance fitness program based on functional training with a very strong focus on musicality and lyrical expression. This pioneering program converts functional training protocols into innovative dance moves, ensuring the body moves in a natural and healthy way.


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