Fredrik Ekblad’s incredible anthem ‘Gimme’ Captures the Spirit of Gothenburg out now

“Gimme,” an irresistibly catchy tune, marks the debut single from Swedish artist Fredrik Ekblad’s upcoming EP, “Ekblad,” slated for release under the prestigious Tambourine Studios label, Sousafon.

The song exudes a vibrant Latin flavor, drawing inspiration from the salt-kissed, sun-drenched ambiance of the Gothenburg archipelago in Sweden, where Fredrik calls home. Fredrik himself succinctly describes the song’s theme, portraying it as a straightforward exploration of that overpowering, nearly hallucinatory sensation that arises when one craves something intensely and grapples to preserve their sanity.

Hailing originally from the southern region of Sweden, Fredrik Ekblad has dedicated a significant portion of his life to the art of music. In 2014, he garnered critical acclaim with his English debut album, “Confused Confessions,” released under the esteemed Tambourine Studios label, Sousafon, a label that has nurtured numerous globally recognized talents.

Over recent years, Fredrik has chosen to reside in the scenic Gothenburg archipelago along Sweden’s western coastline. It is on the picturesque Öckerö Island that he composes and records his music within his own personal recording sanctuary. His musical creations are profoundly influenced by the unique aura of the briny air, sun-soaked vistas, and invigorating sea breezes that envelop his creative space.

Fredrik Ekblad’s lifelong aspiration has always been to touch the hearts and souls of his listeners. In addition to his musical endeavors, he dons the role of a medical doctor and is a devoted father of three.

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