From the Nation of Americana: The heartfelt sounds of ‘Carolee Rainey’ can be heard on new release ‘Anchor EP’.

Carolee Rainey’s new ‘ANCHOR EP’ marks her official debut into the AMERICANA genre.

Prior to this EP Carolee states that she felt like a musical orphan moving along many of America’s highways. It wasn’t until an unexpected transformative experience rocked her world upside down did she finally gain the courage to begin writing the emotional stories she’s always wanted to write about.

The ANCHOR EP is the first in a trilogy of EP’s that touch upon stories and musical poems about teen depression, learning how to fly in life, love stories, mental health , motherhood, marriage, trust.


She visits these topics with an ease, a fragility and a rugged earthliness not been seen since Brandi Carlille. The potent themes that constantly circulate around her songs are hope, courage, power, strength.

Carolee Rainey: a brilliant new voice in Americana music. Nurture your soul and take a listen.



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