From The Nation of Boston,USA: Non-Binary artist ‘Elliot Wren’ releases a beautiful, fresh and vibrant pop rock song with ‘RIP My Diary’

“Non-Binary artist ‘Elliot Wren’ releases a beautiful, fresh and  vibrant pop rock song with ‘RIP My Diary”This Sound nation UK

18-year-old Elliot Wren is an up-and-coming pop singer-songwriter who just released their debut single RIP My Diary.

Elliot Wren, who uses they/then pronouns, is a non-binary artist who hails from the Boston area.

In a recent interview with Queer Women in Music Boston (QWIMB), Elliot reveals that music has always been how they expressed themselves.

They shared, “For me, music was always a way to express myself when I didn’t have much else. Whether it was singing or writing, it was a way for me to cope because I never really fit in growing up. I was always different and singled out, and the music was just my way of dealing with it. It probably saved my life if I am being honest.”

Now, Elliot Wren is hoping to impact others’ with their music. Their debut single, RIP My Diary is a powerful anthem that celebrates self-love and letting go of toxic relationships.

Wren’s storytelling writing style is showcased through the verses, and is paired with an anthemic chorus that will be stuck in your head after just one listen.

We are excited to hear what other stories from Elliot Wren’s diary that the up-and-coming artist will be sharing in the future.

You can listen to ‘RIP My Diary’ on all streaming platforms.

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