‘Lucid Ending’ are a 4-piece alternative rock band from Edmonton, Canada.

Founded in 2017, the group finds its influence from grunge, post-grunge and hard rock of the 90s.

Lucid Ending were formed when professional poker player (Trevor Ahmet on guitar, vocals) started collaborating with well known Hip-Hop producer (Steve Mahoney on guitar, producer).

The duo who are influenced by seminal 90’s bands like Weezer, Bush and Cage The Elephant were joined by on the rhythm section by Logan Cunningham (drums), Josh de Boer (bass).

The latest release from ‘Lucid Ending’ is entitled ‘Product’.

‘Product’ rocks in a modern, relevant and fresh way and is fused with classic grunge and alternative rock influences.

Product Square

From The Nation of Canada: ‘Lucid Ending’ deliver pure angry revolutionary rock attitude to the world on new single ‘Product’ – This Sound Nation

Sonic guitars and solo’s, stomping drums and a fast paced chugging rhythm section is delivered with an anthemic, powerful vocal of pure rock protest.

With a 2020 Grunge sound and energetic anthemic rock energy, Lucid Ending are creating a big resurgence in alternative rock and grunge.






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