From the Nation of France: TSN Reporter ‘Mountain man BOB’ sends exclusive live footage of the 2020 ‘Saint Laurent de Cerdans bearfest’

The Saint-Laurent bearfest has been going for many bear years and is based on age old traditions.

In the past, the young men of the mountain villages of the Pyrénées would attempt to catch a bear to prove their bravery.

The tradition is still celebrated at a festival of the bear and continues to this very day in 2020.

In fact our very own This Sound Nation reporter ‘Mountain Man BOB’ was hot on the Bear scene this year and has provided some Beartastic footage of this years 2020 Saint-Laurent bearfest.

Take a rare glimpse into the beautiful rural life and traditions in France.

Some More Bearfest Facts

The young people of the village dress up as bears on Sunday 15th February at 14h.

Here’s another real life glimpse into the Saint Laurent de Cerdans bear festival and lifestyle of the wonderful village of Saint -Laurent.

Other strange things go on during the day like strange monsters with two bodies, two heads and four pairs of legs, a copper bowl in which pig’s hair is burnt, causing a very unplesant smell. This is carried by two young people disguised as old people whose aim is to quiely slip the bowl under the skirts of the young girls and women!

Live Music at the 2020 Bearfest Party

and we thought an afternoon watching Ben Fogle and Bear Grylls was the best way to spend a Sunday!

it’s a BIG TSN Magazine 10/10 for the extraordinary Saint -Laurent bearfest of 2020.

Mountain Man Bob at Bearfest!

Mountain Man BOB – Somewhere in the French Alps

We asked our on location reporter, Mountain Man and local organic Farming hero ‘Mountain Man BOB’ a.k.a Robert Prentice about the bare going’s on ?

“It was amazing and the band played for four hours and played a lot of different styles”.

So where’s this Bear Featival then ?

Every Year in Saint Laurent de Cerdans, our town.

Does a real Bear come on the scene ?

No, but the amazing and fabulous bear costume is a real bearskin.

Is your Bear Festival unique ?

The next two villages also had bear festivals, but on different weekends.

Well it’s a big BEAR HUG and thanks Mountain Man BOB for the great Bearfest footage.

Lets take a look at the Bear Festival in action.

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