Singer/Songwriter Erene Mastrangeli releases a powerful and emotional new song, “We Are Treasures

We Are Treasures is a miracle song. One of those songs that comes through like a lighting bolt.

Written while recording her new album in Rome, the idea came to her from an experience she lived through while witnessing two family members yelling at each other.

She explains, “In the moment I felt so upset by the scene. Then something shifted, all of a sudden I could see them as very young kids. I had a sense it was the little child in them screaming out their hurt, the hurt they never voiced, the hurt of a life time, the “original” hurt. In that moment, my upset got lifted and I felt an incredible amount of compassion for both.”

That night she sat down and wrote “We Are Treasures.” This song conveys beautifully the preciousness of each human being and that our true nature is not hate and fear.


From The Nation of Italy: A touching and real songwriter emerges from lockdown Italy in the form of ‘Erene Mastrangeli’ and her sweet, empowering and melodic European ‘Kate Bush’ esque sound on ‘We Are Treasures’– This Sound Nation UK

Erene masterfully sings the gorgeous melodies and heartfelt lyric.

On all digital platforms now.