From the Nation of Jamaica: ‘Pangy’ puts out an uplifting, positive and dope single with ‘Stronger’ on his well known label ‘Pangillus Music’

The first thing that strikes you about Pangy’s music is the positivity of it all, the feel-good vibe that just floods your veins and gets you dancing about. But beyond the happy feeling, Pangy strives to inspire with his music, to send out a good message in this world full of dangers. For example, one of Pangy’s latest songs “Stronger” offers a message of hope and resilience, it tells you not to give up, regardless of who or what is against you and coupled with the catchy melody, it’s exactly what you need to get you out of a slump, to get you feeling like you can rule the world.

It’s a thoroughly good song that stays with you long after you’ve put your headphones down and just begs you to listen again and again.

But that should come as no surprise. Pangy has been making a name for himself on the music scene for many years now. Born Paul Parker in the city of St. Catherine, Jamaica, Pangy first started dabbling in music when he was only fifteen years old and performed at his New York high school, Andrew Jackson High.

He rapidly attracted the attention of big names in the business and opened for reggae superstars, such as Lady Saw, Baby Cham, Ward 21 and Sanchez and Shabba Ranks, to name but a few. Throughout his long career, he collaborated with many popular studios, such as Impak Records, but he recorded what would later become his best-known hits with the well-known Jah Life Label. Tracks like “Ghetto Youths and the Gun” and “Hill Street Blues” have since become really popular, especially across the internet.

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After working with many artists in the business and with various studios, Pangy most recently launched his own record label, Pangillus Muzik, which for him is not just about business, it’s about a feeling of family that also becomes apparent the more you listen to Pangy’s music. His latest tracks are infused with feeling and Pangy’s love for making music is clear in every beat. Under his new label, Pangy is putting out perhaps some of his best stuff ever, songs like the soulful “Silhouette” that just haunt you, bringing up the darker feelings in you, while at the same time giving you strength.

As he steadily rises through the charts, Pangy continues to improve in quality and with each song, he comes back stronger, drawing new listeners in from all over the world.

Enjoy Pangy’s music and remember one love for all! For more about Pangy visit the web.





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