From the Nation of Serbia – Igor Garnier featuring ‘Mo’ Highlights the Tender Side of EDM

Newcomer Mo (Mohammed Badawi) has teamed up with Serbian star DJ and Producer Igor Garnier for an ambitious first offering, the single “Used 2BU”. The Single is Mo’s First Offering.

Mo has been singing for nearly 7 years, with performances at Arena Stage in Washington, DC (74 shows of “Oliver Twist”) and local Washington, DC venues. “Used 2BU” is Mo’s first copyrighted song under the watchful production of Igor Garnier.


“Mo brings a tender emotion to ‘Used 2BU’ that rivals any seasoned veteran,” says Igor Garnier. “I have to constantly remind myself he is only a senior in high school. He has great potential and discipline. I think he could make a splash in the music world.”

The song ‘Used 2BU’ features a subtle Middle Eastern influence with beautifully layered musical elements, and can be found on the following platforms:




YouTube (with official video):


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