Getting into the Groove with Byron Major – New EP YOLO

Previous Drakensberg Boys Choir member turned musical prodigy, Byron releases his debut EP – YOLO

Byron’s impressive melodies and harmonies were founded at the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School at the age of 9, where he trained under the top classical vocalists in the country. After leaving the choir and starting high school, Byron began to listen to who now are some of his favorite artists such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder & South Africa’s own jazz icon: Abdullah Ibrahim.

At 17, he flew himself to Boston for one of the biggest auditions of his life, now resulting in the graduation of his 4-year BMus degree in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music, USA.

B MAJOR writes melodies & harmonies that are reminiscent of his early classical music training fused with a natural influence of traditional South African music, Motown and 21st century electronica.

Family life in Cape Town and the hardships of living in a post-apartheid South Africa have grown to be the roots of Major’s musical inspiration. YOLO includes the soulful single ‘Annie’, the upbeat ‘Supermodel’ and his latest singles ‘Best Friend’ and ‘Color My World’

Byron sees the world we live in as a union between technology and nature; to him we can’t have one without the other. Some people may believe that the essence of music has be lost to digital production & the advances of technology in the music industry but Major has a vision for his music that is a marriage of both soul-acoustic music & the electronica of the 21st Century, forming the musical identity he dubs: “Soultronic”.



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