Today sees the release of a brand new single from ISO, entitled RABBIT HOLE, the first single from their much-anticipated fifth full length studio album – POLYDIMENSION. POLYDIMENSION is set for release on 16 September 2016, and available for pre-order as of today on iTunes.

“Rabbit Hole is about getting out of a toxic relationship. While you are in that situation you almost feel like you just falling down this never ending void, and you need to somehow get out of it. It is a hopeful song that speaks about finding the way out to a new beginning. Be strong, Own your future and decide whats best for you, don’t play second fiddle to someone else’s ideals.”

RABBIT HOLE was written by Richard Brokensha in the beginning of 2016, and was recorded by the band in three takes in studio. The band chose RABBIT HOLE as the first single, because it portrays a story which transcends across many people with a title which serves as an analogy explaining the effect of the subject of the song.

The song also serves as the first introduction to ISO’s more progressive sound with noticeable fresh rhythmical elements in the arrangement, complimented with well-placed higher spectrum harmonic themes, which hosts Richard’s voice beautifully.

Listen to a sample of RABBIT HOLE here

Listen here

Pre-Order the album on iTunes

Pre-Order POLYDIMENSION on iTunes and receive RABBIT HOLE instantly!

“Dear ISO fans: With this new single comes a conceptual movement that will drive all facets of the band. There are stories to be heard, grooves to be felt, harmonies to treasured, atmospheres for nostalgia, creatures to be born, colours to be seen and music to accompany your growing soul.”



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