Jahbrae challenges every genre to innovate or get left behind with his latest EP, ‘The Black Lives Matter Collection’

Artist Jahbrae has embraced the anger and despair he felt witnessing
violence targeting People of Color, in his EP ‘The Black Lives Matter Collection’

With a Cape Verdean Heritage and a SoCal Uncensored upbringing, musical artist Jahbrae never genuinely fit in. That lack of tribal identity mirrors a musical sound that draws on making genre-bending music that uniquely stands out. When creating music or writing lyrics, each verse’s highest intention is to help others feel that they are not alone. Carrying this same versatile approach into a mixture of soulful deliveries coupled with a poetic cadence Jahbrae, 25, challenges every genre to innovate or get left behind. Writing has always been a way Jahbrae expressed himself, but it wasn’t until he stopped hiding his raw emotions on every song that the industry took a closer look at this rising artist.

Follow Jahbrae here: https://www.instagram.com/jahbrae/
Listen to the EP here: https://m.soundcloud.com/anthony_jabrae

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