Luca Draccar announces new concept release ‘Neo Noir Plaisir’

Electronic music composer and producer Luca Draccar lights up the world of dance music with Neo Noir Plaisir. There are three tracks on the project and Luca Draccar does an excellent in assuring the EP’s continuity by creating something that is totally irresistible.

The nocturnal essence of Neo Noir Plaisir begins with Margot. The track’s “get up and go” tempo sheds a high measure of intensity that will keep listeners on the edge of their seats. Somewhat of a visual trigger to indulge in all sorts of delights that the imagination can offer, Margot sets the tone for what is to follow.

Mouse In Trap follows and intensifies the path that Luca Draccar has paved. It is a braggadocious groove filled with extra trimmings of fleeting harmonies that carry us into the secret tunnels of our own consciousness that heightens with its audio movements – wonderfully executed.

The Black White Palm builds a solid conclusion from the ground up and unveils Luca Draccar’s quest for musical innovation. The track begins with sparse sounds that shift with each measure and blossom into an industrial trance groove. Luca Draccar has delivered another musical gem with Neo Noir Plaisir that proves to be one step forward for the entire world of electronic music.

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