From the nation of Ecuador, South America Luis Ernesto drops new single “The End of the World”.

Rising singer/songwriter and producer Luis Ernesto is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “The End of the World”.

Featuring his signature fusion of Latin and pop/rock sounds, the track begs the question of what life would be like if we were willing to love without fear, as if it were the end of the world.

With a smooth and infectious rhythm, listeners will surely feel the passion stirring inside of them, as this dance beat is sure to move both their feet and their hearts !

Luis Ernesto is a native of Ecuador, South America. Although he has lived across the world for most of his life, his Latin roots represent a staple of his identity and culture. As a result, his music retains an authentic Latin rhythm. Still, Luis’ travels have exposed him to many other genres of music and various artists, allowing him to develop a true love and appreciation for all forms of music.

In all of his productions, Luis Ernesto looks for opportunities to incorporate different sounds and genres. With the help and guidance of noteworthy musicians like Pedro Eustache, Gustavo Celis, Tom Strahle, Chris Tek O’Ryan, Pedro Alfonso, Peewee Hill, and Richard Bravo, Luis Ernesto has developed a unique and promising new sound for himself.

 Now, having found a distinct voice for himself as an artist, Luis Ernesto has released his debut single, “The End of the World”. Not only is this a significant milestone in his young and promising career, but the track also represents an authentic and complete representation of everything Luis’ hopes to be as an artist.

It is a passionate, rhythmic, and dance-driven ballad that will stir emotion and passion within each listener—something that Luis Ernesto believes to be the crux of what music should do.

In particular, “The End of the World” challenges each of us to be unconditionally happy, fearless, bold, and passionate in the pursuit of love. Luis got the idea for this song during a tumultuous point in his relationship with a beautiful girl who had suffered heartbreak countless times before, leaving her afraid to trust and love again. He needed the right melody, lyrics, and harmony to express the feelings in his heart.

The song came effortlessly to him in the middle of the night, when he heard the song come to him in a dream. Luis jumped out of his bed to record the guitar melody on his phone in the middle of the night, much of which was unchanged by the time of the final recording.

“The End of the World” serves as a powerful statement and introduction to Luis Ernesto. Through his passionate performance and the unique rhythm on this track, Luis Ernesto is sure to become one of the hottest new acts in the music industry. The momentum building around this young artist is sure to peak again with the later release of an accompanying full-length music video for “The End of the World”, which is currently in production by a great team that includes the acclaimed VFX director Ricardo Musch.

This Latin American singer/ songwriter, and music producer, collaborated on the recording of this track with Tom Strahle ( electric guitars, justin bieber ), Pee Wee Hill , Chris Tek O’Ryan ( mixing engineer: Despacito, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, David Guetta ), Dave Kutch ( Bruno Mars, Pink, Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi, Rita Ora ).

Luis Ernesto’s music is a very interesting fusion of Latin rythms, with pop, funk, and jazzy arrangements. The End of the World, is an invitation to live and love boldly, without fear, as if this was your last day on Earth. Luis Ernesto is currently finishing the production of his album, so You will definitely hear more about this great, new talented artist.


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