New rock Menace from Napalm Death

Rock Facts about Menace, which are:

  • Mitch Harris
    Mitch HarrisA collaboration between various hard rock musicians.
    • A collaboration between various hard rock musicians
    • Formed by Mitch Harris, guitarist of Napalm Death.
    • “I Live With Your Ghost” features clean vocals and collaboration that both burst the boundaries of the grindcore rock genre.
    • Mitch Harris in Napalm Death, has appeared on Chris Evan’s TGI Friday, with Jim Carey, been played on Steve Lamacq’s 6 Music show and on Skins.
    • A cancelled gig at the V&A museum because their rock would damage the exhibits was reported on news channels and music press including as Sky News, in the NME and on Yahoo.
    • The video for I Live With Your Ghost is an animation, which takes hard rock and grindcore to a broad and mainstream audience.

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