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Madonna has unveiled a teaser poster for her new star-studded video.

The singer has already announced the promo for her upcoming realise B***h I’m Madonna will feature some of her famous friends, just like the A-list packed video for Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood did.

Now the star has released a little more information, in the form of a picture posted on Instagram.

It details that Nicki Minaj – who features on the song – Katy Perry, Beyoncé Knowles, Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora will all feature in the mini film.

Although information of its content are scarce, Nicki is seen in a low-cut top and baseball cap on the poster. Beyoncé’s outfit is hidden, but she is gazing into the camera in a sultry way which is mirrored by Rita. Katy is seen licking her lips in a suggestive manner with her blunt brunette fringe cut short and Madonna rocks a hat and chiselled cheekbones.

Miley isn’t visible in the promo shot, which Madonna captioned: “Video coming soon! Just tryin to make it perfect for all of you… we are hard werking b***hes! #b***himmadonna (sic).”

It was thought the video would be released today, although it seems the star is having a few problems fine-tuning it. She detailed that in another post of herself with a cigarette in her mouth.

“B***hes you have to stop putting cigarettes in my mouth! I don’t smoke!! But i might start if this video doesn’t come out soon! b***h what? #b***himmadonna (sic),” she captioned the shot.

The 56-year-old star was the one who suggested the promo would land today, after she posted a clip from it on Instagram late last week. It featured giant sparkly glitter balls, huge piece of inflatable pizza and generally looked as if it was set among the remnants of a massive house party.

This will be the latest track taken from Madonna’s Rebel Heart record.

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