As one of the world’s leading post-modern producers and deejays, Luca Draccar continues to explore innovative musical concepts with his latest EP titled 419. Draccar has always persevered in his sonic efforts to ensure that he provides his audience with an audible experience, a life within a life and a place of its own. Like William Blake wrote: “The way of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” 419 is a way that extends itself equally. To the wisdom and intellect capture by Blake’s words.

419 is a 3-track phenomenon. This treasure chest of electronica musings unravels its gnosis in cinematic fashion, inducing an alluring string section at the start of the opening track Dadaism. It is within the boundaries of this tune that we are introduced into a cascade of rhythms that soothe the soul. The next track Lippen follows with a hard-hitting beat and edgy overtones that keeps us entranced on the journey that Luca Draccar has paved before us. Vagabondage proves to be 419’s closing argument. The track’s inventiveness is totally surreal, as Draccar captures our attention with a loose-knit band of sounds, samples, and awe-inspiring percussive and synth elements.

Luca Draccar successfully leaves an impression upon our souls that anything is possible. 419’s music is equally gritty as it is uplifting. The uniqueness of the polarities that are embedded into each track and the project itself is what makes Luca Draccar the maestro for a melodic template that rarely a composer is able to obtain.

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