Spain’s ‘Veluzz’ drops melodic grooves, infectious vocals, a sensual kick drum & synthesizers on new single ‘Magical’

Fast rising Spanish artist, Veluzz returns with new single ‘Magical’ – delivering with another stand out production & continuing his unwavering roll of infectious, dance flavoured studio output.


Following hot on the trails of his recent hyped releases ‘Hail Mary’ and ‘Believe’, now is the turn of ‘Magical’ – taking centre stage. Staying true to from, Veluzz serves up an unmistakable slice of his trademark pop-dance sound with this latest offering.

From the melodic grooves, infectious vocals to the sensual kick drum & synthesizers. A unique formula which has garnered widespread global appeal, along with a rapidly growing fan base has seen Veluzz’s upward trajectory gaining momentum, at an enviable pace.


Positioned for a further host of love worldwide, as ‘Magical’ drops – hold tight.


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