State of Dreaming – Marina and the Diamonds

That’s pretty catchy. So get this: (First appeared on Pressparty last May – 2013)

Marina and the Diamonds: ‘I’ve bankrupted my label but have more videos to release’

Songstress Marina Diamandis has revealed that she still has another 3 videos to unveil from her ‘Electra Heart’ project, but they might take a while as she’s “bankrupted” her record label.

The Marina and the Diamonds beauty is signed to 679 Recordings and told Canadian newspaper The Province that fans can expect a few more things from the album although she can’t guarantee when they will be released:

“I have three more video parts I will put out. I’ve bankrupted my label (apparently) so we have no money, but we’re going to do it and finish this era the way I want to. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

Referring to the conception of Electra Heart as an alter ego, she added that she wanted to just be an unedited version of herself and decided that working on the record would allow her to do that:

“You may as well accept what your talent is and support it, rather than quashing it or dumbing it down to make yourself more likeable for radio. It’s why I built ‘Electra Heart’ and the elaborate concept behind it. It was my way of justifying taking that commercial path, when really I had been signed as a lo-fi sounding songwriter.”

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