From The Nation of Chicago, USA: As high as the Willis Tower in the glamorous rap world, without genre or fashion boundaries, meet the one and only ‘I Passed Away’ who is alive with new cuts dropping!

I Passed Away has already gained global attention from world famous names in the industry, working alongside Charlie Shuffler who was with Lil Peep and [Read More…]

From the Nation of USA, Chicago – Hip hop duo ‘Taking Hits Constantly’ drop new album ‘HOPE UR OFFENDED’

Quickly rising Chicago underground hip hop duo ‘Taking Hits Constantly’ proudly returns with their brand new sophomore LP, HOPE UR OFFENDED. Packed with 12 original [Read More…]

El Deyma next big thing in indie rock?

“Build our music as a storyboard”, declares El Deyma frontman Flo, “That’s how we compose, we share by fragment, it’s like a never-ending movement.” All [Read More…]