From the Nation of USA, Texas – TexMex Shaman drops new single ‘Roll over Matryoshka’ from the E.P ‘Fever in the South’

The artist TexMex Shaman based in Dallas, TX has recently released a 6 song EP titled “Fever in the South.”

The lead single on the EP is ‘Roll over Matryoshka’, a 6-minute kaleidoscopic musical odyssey, with elements of synthwave, rock’n’roll, psychedelia, noise, disco, and maybe even a hint of twang somewhere in there.


Despite this eclectic amalgamation, the song doesn’t sound like some sort of jumbled collage, because the track delineates these elements in various “phases” along the way.

There are lots of instrumental hooks, beats, guitar riffs and imaginative transitions, which have been meticulously put together in a coherent way. TexMex Shaman plays all the guitar and bass stuff himself and does so quite well. It’s just very groovin.’

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