The rising star ‘Joseph Harmony’ has been able to stand out amid a sea of equally talented artists on new release ‘Tonight’

Its power immeasurable, music has long served as a companion to people’s everyday moments—a background to the most mundane and a soundtrack to the most memorable. However, its purpose goes beyond that. Artists of the past and present have considered the craft a medium for sending across messages, inspiring change, and making a difference in listeners’ lives. However, along with changes in trends and an overall shift in artistic preferences, numerous songs of today no longer capitalize on music to communicate what needs to be said, with countless tracks simply a marriage of catchy beats and R-18 lyrics. Joseph Harmony, a multifaceted musician who is widely heralded as one of the must-watch forces in the current music scene, goes against the grain by talking about what matters. 

Joseph Harmony, born Joseph Chibuzor Chima, is a Nigerian-American executive producer of TOF Entertainments, a record label that is climbing its way to the forefront of the industry. Armed with an impressive entrepreneurial acumen, he has managed to emerge as an M&A specialist, consistently making bold moves in a space known for its cut-throat and competitive nature. But, while his competence at business has allowed him to reach incredible heights, it is his distinctive artistry and musical brand that enabled this passion-fueled personality to capture the attention of listeners worldwide. 

Highly driven by a deep-seated love for music, Joseph Harmony set his eyes on entering the industry and making a name for himself as an artist from the get-go. It was also at a young age when he first demonstrated the potential to grow into a talented musician.

“I have been a singer and entertainer from the age of 2, performing as a chorister and opera singer,” he shared. 

So, it’s no longer surprising why Joseph Harmony is now pouring time and effort into securing a coveted spot in the limelight. Bringing to the table not only an arsenal of skills but also a clear-cut vision that he wants to translate into reality, he will continue to go all-out until he succeeds in letting the world know his genius at music and business. 

In the years since he dipped his toes in the scene, the rising star has been able to stand out amid a sea of equally talented artists, a feat that is difficult to achieve in light of the saturation of the industry. His ability to distinguish himself apart from others can be credited both to his abilities as a singer and the messages that stand at the heart of his tracks. Singing and performing from the point of view of outcasts and misfits, Joseph Harmony offers a new perspective and incisive wit to his tales of hustles and relationships. He doesn’t merely talk about stories of love and struggles—he brings them to life through his smoky voice, which was trained on opera classics and afrobeat. 

In the future, more can be expected from Joseph Harmony as he cements his reputation within the industry. This emerging powerhouse, whose EP, For4, is set to drop on October 22, aims to release songs that can touch lives and remain in people’s memory for decades to come. Learn more about Joseph Harmony by visiting his website.


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