Wandour Delivers Atmospheric Electronic Downtempo EP ‘Night Wandering’

Emerged from the mystery of night, Wandour, is here to deliver unique twist of beats and melodies that speaks to your mind and body uncommonly. Seeking cosmic transcendence through the medium of sound, Wandour’s music takes you on a full audio journey to disengage from the conquered realities, and to traverse through the unknowns.

Inspired by urban facades and industrial night lights, Wandour aims to use sounds to awaken listeners’ subconscious while hypnotising their societal identities. His music is the combination of conflicting elements of melancholia, bitterness, nostalgia, along with mixing styles of dark techno, broken beats, melodic dubstep baseline and distorted atmospheric melodies.

Night Wandering EP

Wandour debut with downbeat electronic EP ‘Night Wandering’. Centred around the theme of “musical escapade”, the two-track EP delivers a delicately balanced mixture of atmospheric downbeat soundscape, threading subtly between dark and chill vibes. The first single ‘Distance’ features a heavy sentimental bassline that drives the track. On top of this bassline, the listeners are exposed to a majestical chord progression with vibrant rock synth melody overlay and chill percussion beat.

The second single of the EP, ‘Hold’, features a darker tone. Providing the same heavy signature bassline style from ‘Distance’, this track’s main element features dark bass piano sound, combined with offbeat techno like percussion, resulted in eccentrically heavy yet uplifting atmospheric ambiance.

The production on both singles by Wandour gives him a chance to experiment with new musical possibilities and breathes this EP a different soundscape. The listeners are invited to resonate with full spontaneity while roaming throughout their personal escaped realities.



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lets.wandour/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wandour/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wandour

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