With trap, flute and synth sounds, GeoMike122’s new songs both songs ‘Whimsical’ and ‘Caprichosx’ incorporate beats that provide a creative audio landscape

GeoMike122 is a new artist and a long time teacher and community leader who is ready to motivate and inspire more people with his music. Raised outside of New York City in Fair Lawn, New Jersey life has offered him many experiences. GeoMike loves to travel, perform, nap, cats, trees, teaching and meeting people!

He has just released his new tracks called Whimsical and Caprichosx (Spanish remix of Whimsical).

What makes you whimsical? Whimsical and Caprichosx motivate listeners to get up and be their best selves. With trap, flute and synth sounds both songs incorporate beats that provide a creative audio landscape. These two songs are just the start! Abyss will be released in April.

Follow GeoMike122 here: https://www.instagram.com/geomike122/
Buy his track here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2GYYoYwQwJWx71gTWzUHi8?si=5MQLSW9URvCn1Hu9VTVdTg

Watch the video here:

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