Dancing with the devil comes naturally to Luca Draccar, whose music explores just that in his latest EP ‘Soul Grabber’

Dancing with the devil comes naturally to Luca Draccar, a Berlin-based techno artist, whose music explores just that. Creatively experimenting with a kaleidoscope of sounds, ‘Soul Grabber’ is the new EP by Draccar.

Inspired by Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killer, Draccar focuses on the soul grabber, a hoarder of souls who procures souls and collects them. Envisioned through futuristic and computerised sounds, of urban rhythms and magnetic bass lines, Draccar peels back the layers of this theme. Delving deep into a fascination of weaknesses and fears, ‘Soul Grabber’ opens up to a world of dark, mesmeric soundscapes that beat as hard as the fearful pounding in our chests. His inventive expression of techno is unique to Draccar.

Raised in Italy, but bought to life in Berlin, Luca Draccar began his musical musings by DJing regularly. In 2018 he embarked on his biggest project, which would soon become ‘Soul Grabber.’ Available now on all platforms.

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