A beautiful Orchestral Electronic Sound emerges from the humble shadows as ‘Gloww’ releases ‘Reinvent The Love’

“Reinvent The Love” is the second single from the album “Metamorphoses” by Gloww. From its first moments, the composition reveals slowly and steady. Here is [Read More…]

HALLOWEEN NATION 2020: ‘The Sultan’ releases his epic ‘Monsters’ music video with it’s global locations and movie sized eastern meets western theme

With “Monsters” the Hamburg singer The Sultan releases his latest work in style of the spooky season. The single is not only a must-have for [Read More…]

COVER STAR: After consoling the world in lockdown with his hit ballad ‘Stand up For The Heroes’, ‘Dar.Ra’ gets the world dancing with a Colombian Carnival rock groove on ‘Rise Like The Sun’

While we as a world speed forward on an uncharted flight to an unknowable destination, predictions and hearsay is all you hear in the backseats [Read More…]

Featured EP: ‘Luca Draccar’ is back with a new mysterious, mesmerising, hard hitting house EP ‘Flamboyant’

Luca Draccar is an electronic music artist who is originally from Berlin, Germany. Since he was a child, Luca gravitate towards the production of electronic [Read More…]

SUMMER HITS FROM THE NATION OF FRANCE: The globes Top French IT expert and EDM music hitmaker ‘Max M’ drops a new pop music video and single that will have your children running away and dancing in the streets. WARNING: This is infectious and catchy and you could lose your ‘Imaginary Problems’

July 2020 – Max M. is an artist with a focus on blending the dream-like textures of EDM with the timeless melodies of great pop [Read More…]

londonfm.digital spices up the Capital with a brand new morning BEAT as multi-talented Irish sensation ‘Dar.Ra’ drops a powerful voice every morning at 9 AM with London classics and his sonic ‘The BEAT’ remix

We live in a rapidly changing world, where the progress of society should be measured on the happiness and wellbeing of its citizens, rather than [Read More…]

‘Happy Sadness’ from ‘Guantamano Bae’ has a powerful bass-line, coupled with panned instrumentation, an energetic beat and an addictive vocal line

Guantanamo Bae took inspiration for this single from time spent working as a prison guard in Guantanamo Bay. Experiencing a spectrum of emotions while dealing [Read More…]

From The Nation of Ireland: Eccentric and arty Irish Rock star ‘Dar.Ra’ unleashes the official lyric video for ‘Whiskey n Honey’

“Eccentric and arty Irish Rock star ‘Dar.Ra’ unleashes the official lyric video for ‘Whiskey n Honey” – This Sound Nation UK Renown Irish rock solo [Read More…]

Following up hit album ‘New Kinda Normal’, ‘Dar.Ra’ releases a breakthrough new sound and style with the mammoth production of ‘Whiskey n Honey’

Renown Irish rock solo artist Dar.Ra is at it again and this time with a release which fans have been hoping for with the release [Read More…]

From the Nation of the United Kingdom – Deltiimo & The Grandkids – Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere.

Gary Louca Deltiimo is a UK veteran writer, producer and lyricist who has been busy finalising the last songs of his upcoming compilation album, titled [Read More…]

This Sound Nation presents Werk It Out by Myla and Dafusia

Canadian singer-songwriter, DJ and producer, Myla just released a new collaborative EP with Toronto electronic producer, Dafusia, who originates from Chennai in India. The EP [Read More…]