From The Nation of 2020 schizophrenia: Alternative Rock Music returns reflecting the Times as ‘Blind Season’ Let Loose ‘The Dark Bedroom’


‘Blind Season’ are an alternative rock band formed by Shane Sigro. The new single from ‘Blind Season‘ is entitled ‘The Dark Bedroom’. How was the [Read More…]

From The Nation of Metalcore Italy: ‘Dead Like Juliet’ deliver a massive wall of Metalcore sound with a melodic difference and epic production on ‘Save Me’

Dead Like Juliet unleash a new sound that is defined by melodic hooks and singalongs alongside heavy growls and groovy riffs. Unlike other Hardcore bands, [Read More…]

From The Nation of Ireland: With the sensitive melodic flair of ‘Rory Ghallagher’ and a fresh hand of ELO or Jeff Beck, talented Irish finger man ‘Joe Hodgson’ lets loose his big rock story with ‘The One that Got Away’

Joe Hodgson is a talented guitarist and musician from Northern Ireland. He grew up there at the height of The Troubles, a time of  systemic [Read More…]

From The Nation of Los Angeles, USA: Produced in Hollywood, ‘Show Whight’ shows he is a powerful songwriter, who can belt out an Elf-powered high speed rock anthem with solo’s to match on ‘Elf Rock’

The incredible and extraordinary Show Whight is a solo rock n’ roll artist based in Los Angeles, CA.  Show Whight is influenced by legendary hard [Read More…]

From The Nation of Ireland: Eccentric and arty Irish Rock star ‘Dar.Ra’ unleashes the official lyric video for ‘Whiskey n Honey’

“Eccentric and arty Irish Rock star ‘Dar.Ra’ unleashes the official lyric video for ‘Whiskey n Honey” – This Sound Nation UK Renown Irish rock solo [Read More…]

Following up hit album ‘New Kinda Normal’, ‘Dar.Ra’ releases a breakthrough new sound and style with the mammoth production of ‘Whiskey n Honey’

Renown Irish rock solo artist Dar.Ra is at it again and this time with a release which fans have been hoping for with the release [Read More…]