Min the Universe will drop a new EDM track called ‘Westworld Reanimated’, which blends modern EDM with his own signature intergalactic sound.

Min the Universe is an NYC-Based EDM producer who quit his corporate
finance job to pursue his passion for music production. He has a passion
for creating sounds with the power to transport listeners to other

Inspired by the hauntingly beautiful sounds of composer Ramin
Djawadi (Game of Thrones, Iron Man), Min wanted to interpret the
memorable melodies of Westworld using modern EDM sounds interwoven
with his signature intergalactic sonic tapestry.

This can be heard in his latest single ‘Westworld Reanimated’.

The track’s storyline features the timeless conflict (and coexistence) between light and dark, good and evil, human and machine. Westworld Reanimated, with its unique builds and intricate textures, exemplifies Min’s attention to detail and appreciation of musical mathematics. The song is sure to hit hard with electronic music lovers and fans of the series everywhere and is set to release on Spotify and all other streaming platforms Friday, January 22nd.

Connect with Min the Universe on social media under: @mintheuniverse

The song drops on January 22 everywhere!

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