Vincent Brennan is an Irish singer-songwriter who is also lead singer for the Dublin band ‘Strutter’.

Before Lockdown he recorded his first solo material with Irish producer Russel Hogg.

When asked about the single ‘Home, Vincent Brennan said:

Releasing the debut single ‘Home‘ is my way of both looking introspectively but still connecting with the outside world. It is a personal and honest song – finding peace in the care and love bestowed onto my by my parent and family that I try to reciprocate as an adult married with my own young family. The song for me is both inspiration and aspiration: create a home that is loving, safe and carefree – a retreat from the world when needed. A place that my children can stay young, grow-up in their own time and always find refuge – home is there for them on their own terms whenever needed”.

From The Nation of Ireland: Melodic and touching Irish Singer/songwriter ‘Vincent Brennan’ releases a classic sounding ‘Lockdown folk song’ with the sentimental and lovely acoustic vibes of sweet ‘Home’ – This Sound Nation UK

Vincent Brennan speaks facts about the music video revealing that “That’s me jumping out of a plane and my wife Karen”

vincent brennan home2

Vincent Brennan has been getting lots of great feedback from the music blogging world with some saying:

“Really enjoyed the warm acoustic tones and honestly written lyrics”

“Congrats on the single VB. Lovely vibes and cozy indeed. Will be enjoyed by so many. Will do very well. The children voices is very charming”

vincent brennan home3

“Home has lovely acoustic tones and a lovely writing style”

“This is one of the most sincere songs I have heard so far really warm and emotional. i loved the atmosphere of the sound”

“Just an amazing voice you have, very enjoyable to listen to. Performance sounds clean and professional in my opinion, keep that up! Background music has some great sound combinations in, like the lovely vibe it spreads. Great song overall”

“Incredible vocals””I love the pure sound of this and I get why this is your most real song”

“You definitely have a pure and rich voice. the lyrics are original and well written”

vincent brennan home