Nancy McCallion is a real songwriter of true grit


Nancy McCallion is a natural born singer/songwriter. The daughter of a Texas farm girl and an Irish/Scots immigrant, she grew up listening to the traditional songs her father loved and in blur of American folk, country and pop she was exposed to when the family moved to Tucson, Arizona from England when she was nine.

As she started her own musical career that mix of music plus the Mexican songs of her Arizona border home came out in her involvement with The Mollys  her border Irish band that propelled her out on the road  barnstorming the US, Canada, Italy, Australia and New Zealand singing originals and collaborations with co-founder Catherine Zavala and others.

Throughout her musical career McCallion developed a poetic gift that captured the twinkle-eyed wordplay and local dialect of the Irish pub songs her dad loved  blended with a more modern view of women in the world.

Like Mark Twain’s writing, McCallion’s songwriting opens a window of storytelling that brings characters and circumstances to life with wry wit  irony and regional flair.

In her latest CD  Possum and Praties, McCallion brings to bear a lifetime of songwriting craft that will make her audiences want to sing out  smile and have another round.

The brand new single “The man in question” is featured on the album and is out now.

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