Pixie Lott unveils ‘Lay Me Down’ video

Pixie Lott has debuted her latest music video online.

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The singer is releasing the track ‘Lay Me Down’ on July 28 as the latest tune from her 2014 self-titled album.

Its video has now seen the light of day and it sees the Brit sunning it up abroad in a swimming pool and on a boat.

Lott took to Twitter to say: “It’s HERE! Watch the FULL #LayMeDown video on @VEVO so excited for you to see it!”

The singer meanwhile recently revealed her desire to start up her own record label, saying:

Lay Me Down by Pixie Lott - video preview now online
Lay Me Down by Pixie Lott – video preview now online

“Mainly it’s about new artists getting out there, ’cause it’s hard when you don’t really know anyone. I get really excited hearing new people, especially if it’s amazing. I kind of know a bit about the way this industry works after being in it for a few years. I think in the future it would be amazing to have my own label.”

Lott added: “I look for amazing singers. I wouldn’t be bothered to have to market, like, a band that can’t sing or something, I get motivated by good singers.”

Pixie Lott’s Lay Me Down

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