Volpi–Not like anybody else is a UK sound to watch out for



Introducing Volpi: when two lovers made some art and music together.

The creature was born on the sun-baked Italian streets of Bologna when an English boy and an Italian girl decided to make some sweet music together. Mixing genres like their nationalities, Volpi takes hazy guitars, soulful melodies, and disco basslines then glues it all together with a dark electro twist.

Already featured as the BBC introducing track of the day, Volpi are now ready to unleash a series of singles this summer, each with its own Volpi-produced video featuring graphics by the fair hand of Selene!

Tom from Volpi says ” My dear old Mum Wendy died early this year from lung cancer after a dignified and very brave fight. Whilst at home for 6 months caring for Mum with my Dad, I wrote an album of music during the evenings and nights: partly as a distraction, and partly to try and remind me of some of the beautiful, positive things life has to offer – in this case, Music. Together with my partner in kryme, Selene, we hope that through something so painful can come something positive and hopeful, especially in a world which is currently so fractured and inward-looking”.

For this reason, we will be releasing a number of tracks this summer as free downloads but with the possibility to make a charitable donation. We would be super grateful for your support !

The Indie poptastic new single ” Not like anybody else” has been described as ” Ben Folds with an Indie Beach Boys on backing” and will be available as a free download from 17/09/16 with an official worldwide release exactly one month later. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaasoXCWiqI]



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