Born on the sunny shores of Spain and making hits in Canada, ‘Shelly Ross’ drops hot new video ‘Masterpiece’

People are amazing. Perhaps 2020 doesn’t feel like the right year to be saying that, what with all the sadness and bad things that are [Read More…]

Predicted to rise big in Bollywood after 250 Million streams, the world’s best Trap producer ‘Indian Trap’ joins hips with sexy ‘Priscilla Gypsxy’ on Trap beat wonder “CHINGONA (BAD B$TCH)”

Indian Trap is excited to reveal his latest single “CHINGONA (BAD B$TCH)” in collaboration with Priscilla Gypsxy. Indian Trap produced and co-wrote the anthem with [Read More…]

With a tropical jungle aroma and mysterious eastern flava, Award Winning Novelist and Actress ‘ Katrina Kusa’ drops the 100% tasty Trap hit ‘Ta$te It’ with Trap master ‘Indian Trap’

American author, actress, songwriter and singer Katrina Kusa is making waves with her debut single ‘Ta$te It’ Prod. By Indian Trap. The single ‘Ta$te It’ [Read More…]

From the Nation of Utah, Valley of The Gods: ‘Santo and the People’ takes us on a journey through genre boundaries with new drop ‘New Ride’

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From the Nation of the USA – Dave Matthias drops ‘Madness And The Dark’ ft Makeba

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Dancehall pop artist Elena shares name with Cold War Russian spy

Elena Miller is a spicy singer-songwriter with a bright, fun and fresh sound. She was born in Kingston, Jamaica and now lives in the UK. [Read More…]

Beyoncé demonstrates real “girl power”

Beyoncé Knowles implores women to own their sexuality. This story first appeared on Music News The American hit maker is often spotted flaunting her sexuality [Read More…]